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This table lists font size values in px for your type scales at the min and max viewport widths entered above.

Add a viewport width to show its corresponding font size values.

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/* @link https://utopia.fyi/type/calculator?c=320,18,1.2,1240,20,1.25,5,2,&s=0.75|0.5|0.25,1.5|2|3|4|6,s-l&g=s,l,xl,12 */

:root {
  --step--2: clamp(0.7813rem, 0.7747rem + 0.0326vi, 0.8rem);
  --step--1: clamp(0.9375rem, 0.9158rem + 0.1087vi, 1rem);
  --step-0: clamp(1.125rem, 1.0815rem + 0.2174vi, 1.25rem);
  --step-1: clamp(1.35rem, 1.2761rem + 0.3696vi, 1.5625rem);
  --step-2: clamp(1.62rem, 1.5041rem + 0.5793vi, 1.9531rem);
  --step-3: clamp(1.944rem, 1.771rem + 0.8651vi, 2.4414rem);
  --step-4: clamp(2.3328rem, 2.0827rem + 1.2504vi, 3.0518rem);
  --step-5: clamp(2.7994rem, 2.4462rem + 1.7658vi, 3.8147rem);