Elegantly scale type and space without breakpoints

Utopia emerges when designers and developers share a systematic approach to fluidity in responsive design. Instead of designing for x number of arbitrary breakpoints, we can design a system within which elements scale proportionally and fluidly. This can help you to:

  • Design and code minimally and elegantly
  • Streamline collaboration between design and development roles
  • Ensure visual harmony and consistency

Utopia is not a product, a plugin, or a framework. It’s a memorable/pretentious word we use to refer to a way of thinking about fluid responsive design. There’s no program or dependency to install, although we are developing some free tools to support your next Utopian project:

The beginning

The ideas driving this approach are already being realised on live design projects but the documentation of these ideas is only just beginning. A series of related articles is in the works – the first of which are available here:

Why Utopia?

Utopia was originally a joke name describing a halcyon future where designers and developers sing from the same stylesheet, effortlessly crafting beautiful products through deliberate decisions clearly communicated. Sounded funny at the time. Now it’s just a stretch goal.